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Meet Kirsten

Relationship and Life Transformation Coach

Kirsten Strawn, The Faith Coach, is a relationship expert, author of LOVING THE UNLOVABLE, and motivational speaker who empowers people to create healthy loving relationships to leave a lasting legacy of love.  Her mission is to create a Legacy of Love Movement by interviewing heart-centered entrepreneurs, pastors, authors, and world changers who have overcome conflict to NOW impact lives in the areas of FAITH, FAMILY, and FINANCES.   

Kirsten’s passion for people to experience God intimately and know His power, promotes hope and healing with practical tools to achieve more peace and joy in their relationships.  She's trained in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), Group Crisis Intervention, and Care Counseling through her past involvement on the pastoral team at the Rock Church in San Diego.

Don't just put a Band-Aid on your problems. When you work with Kirsten you will gain the tools for creating healthy loving relationships by understanding the foundational reasons for the conflict you may be experiencing.  Get started today by downloading the 5 Principles to Peace Checklist.

Are you ready to…

  • Leave a lasting legacy of love
  • Improve your relationships
  • Learn how to have a constructive conversation
  • Move forward in forgiveness to gain peace  
  • Live life with more joy

We all need a coach to give us tools and motivate us to change those areas that can bring us pain. Whether you struggle with bitterness, fear, miscommunication, negative self-talk, or a lack of purpose and direction, I'm here for you. Let's work together to give you an amazing and abundant life filled with peace and joy. Click the link below to achieve the transformation you want in your life and in your relationships. I look forward to embracing you as family to make a difference in your life when we work together. 

On a more personal note...

Kirsten testifies to God’s faithfulness when life seems to be falling a part. Kirsten endured a struggling marriage for 31 years. Together they raised their 4 strong children into confident and courageous young adults who now live around the world doing what they love, When her own marriage fell apart, Kirsten chose to trust God with all her heart. Now God is leading her into new and exciting places to leave a legacy of love as she promotes and encourages others.

Kirsten is relatable and authentic as she has experienced a painful past so she can minister love and mercy to others. God has healed her of her past pain to live a life of purpose! She is no longer defined by unworthy, unlovable, and rejected. Grounded in biblical principles, powerful prayer, wisdom, and discernment, Kirsten gets to the root of the problem quickly to bring about true transformation, healing, and harmony in people's lives.



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