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Are you ready to get away from life's stresses to grow personally, professionally and spiritually?


Discover The Relationship Model To Radically Improve Your Life

The Power of PEACE Formula

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What does it mean to step into your power of PEACE?

Imagine what it would look like to have the tools and strategies to...

  • Quickly identify the root of the inner and relational conflict you and others are experiencing.

  • Approach a difficult conversation with complete confidence in your ability to communicate effectively to bring understanding, connection, and resolution.

  • Experience joy in the midst of conflict with the strategy to instantly change your mindset, overcome fear & false beliefs, and move forward in forgiveness.

  • Gain the ability to let God guide you in the decisions you need to make as you trust Him.

  • Establish goals and responsibilities to eliminate unmet expectations to bring harmony, teamwork, and unity into your personal and professional relationships.

  • Turn negative thoughts and words into positive affirmations that edify and encourage, instead of tear down or condemn.

  • Develop the skill to communicate that you accept your loved ones, and at the same time, establish healthy boundaries with the right words to say.

If you're ready...

Radically transform your relationship with God, yourself, and the people in your life with a proven method to move beyond frustration, anxiety, and overwhelm to regain PASSION, PEACE & POWER. Join Kirsten for an incredible experience in beautiful La Jolla, CA. Get the tools to get unstuck to move forward in freedom to enjoy the abundant life God has for you.

Allow your relationships to flourish by being equipped to quickly identify the source of conflict and communicate effectively so healthy relationships can be established and God's work can be accomplished.

Join other incredible like-minded and heart-centered leaders who want to impact their families, organizations, and the communities they serve.

You're not alone!

We are a community of dynamic & motivated Christian entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders who want to encourage and impact our families, organizations, and the communities we serve with powerful communication skills so that we can live out our purpose & experience the abundant life of PEACE & JOY that God has for all of us!  

All-Inclusive 3-Day Pricing includes:

  • Delicious local cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Morning stretching and affirmations overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
  • Listening prayer through journaling and art.
  • Hiking excursion along the scenic coastline to enjoy creation & wildlife.
  • Course materials.
  • Personal and confidential small group coaching and training. 

Pricing does not include: 

  • Airfare
  • Transportation to and from SAN airport, (Uber approx. 20 minutes / $35 from SAN Airport to Pantai Inn at

Ready to grow to a new level of emotional and spiritual maturity?

Join Our Community to Invest in Your Success

  • Put biblical principles into practice to experience the peace that transcends all understanding and the joy maintained in-the-midst of conflict.
  • Hold thoughts captive, make wise decisions, and express truth in love to be heard & to honor God.
  • Prayer support to overcome spiritual attacks and personal roadblocks to become all that God has created. 
  • Hear from God through listening prayer & journaling with art.
  • Stretching and affirmation techniques that you can apply to your daily routine.
  • Experience lasting friendships with God-centered women, while enjoying delicious cuisine from local restaurants, adventurous, fun excursions around the Cove, along with tools & transformation. 
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Rooms vary in appearance with ocean views based on availability.

Rooms vary in appearance with ocean views based on availability.

Reserve your oceanfront luxury retreat in beautiful La Jolla, California TODAY! 

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You get a FREE BONUS TICKET to Kirsten's LIVE 2018 Power of PEACE Event!

You will spend time with Kirsten in person and get her latest strategies!



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What you can expect...

  • Experience renewal and refreshment going into a new season!
  • Stretching and affirmations each morning to transform your daily routine.
  • Listening prayer through journaling and art to uncover secrets from God.
  • Delicious meals from local restaurants to delight your taste-buds.
  • Beautiful accommodations in the nurturing and peaceful setting at the Pantai Inn to provide luxury and comfort.
  • Sunset views overlooking the Pacific Ocean to calm your spirit and satisfy your soul.
  • Adventurous walks along the seawall offer gifts from God...sea-lions, seagulls, pelicans, and more.
  • Gathering around the fire-pit for conversations and laughter lead to lasting friendships.
  • Standing in your power of PEACE with practical principles that will guide you into a new season of personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

It's not too late! We're waiting for you.

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