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Hear from those who worked with Kirsten to overcome conflict.

What People Are Saying...

Kirsten Strawn is so authentic, engaging and inspiring! The way she shares personal stories and what she has learned through seeking solid answers from the giver of life Himself is so rich and personally challenging. In her book and through her personal coaching, she bravely exposes her very real struggles in order to help you identify yours.

While gracefully unpacking scripture, she shows you how to make wiser decisions, the consequences of making poor ones, and how to better understand the dynamics of conflict and difficult relationships so you CAN learn to love difficult people.  She does not put on a façade, which takes any guard down you may have. Her vulnerability truly hits on one of the biggest dilemmas facing us all…loving unlovable and difficult people!  

Blessed with wisdom, Kirsten walks you through practical tools from the Bible and empowers you to respond to adversity in your marriage and other relationships in a more God honoring way. If you ever struggle with loving difficult people, you need her coaching! 
— Tami McGrew

What a challenging journey it can be for a mom facing a struggling teen. I was responsible for allowing emotional turmoil to enter my daughter’s life, and it pained me to see the repercussions in her life. As a single parent I lacked a supportive spouse to work through these tough times. Praise God for Kirsten! The Lord brought her into our lives and she blessed us beyond words.

The Lord spoke wisdom and Godly counsel through her.  As well as her presence and coaching brought tremendous encouragement and direction into our situation.  She was a faithful prayer warrior for us as well.  I am grateful that the Lord carried us through those days with love and grace, and I acknowledge that Kirsten was a huge part of His ministry to us.  She is an amazing coach and powerful woman of God! 
— Katie Loadman

Kirsten is a faith coach with immense inner strength and divine connections. She delivers her messages in such a way that cuts to the heart, repairs the pain, and offers healing comfort.

I recently encountered some heart-throbbing health issues with one of my children.  I felt like the walls were caving in and I was drowning in despair.  Kirsten coached me through the faith strengthening process. She gifted me with spirit-guided words of wisdom. And she walked me through an impactful prayer which lit up my inner light and opened up the pathway to hope and a vision for the future of my child. I experienced a breakthrough far beyond my expectations from Kirsten’s coaching. 

Kirsten is not just a faith coach, she is loving, kind, and compassionate. Most importantly, she has the gift to heal the soul through God’s unfathomable love for mankind. I love, respect, and trust Kirsten. You can too.
— Joni Young, Business Strategist & CEO Coach

I have difficult relationships where people take advantage and disrespect me. I did not know how to speak up and say what I needed to say in love. I had fear and anxiety and stress that if I said what I needed to say that I would be rejected and they would withdraw their love from me. Kirsten has helped me so much to have the tools that I need to be able to have these hard conversations and be able to speak from my heart without fear and without anxiety. I have been empowered to have a productive conversation that brings positive resolution and healthy relationships. I was able to tell my friend that when she stays in my home that I need to feel respected and when she does things without letting me know or asking me I feel very disrespected and unloved. Therefore it makes me resentful and I don’t want to continue a relationship with her. I did not know how to express myself in love and remedy the situation. I would rather ignore it and cut off the friendship, which is not a healthy or mature way to handle things.

Kirsten has the tools to teach us how to have those difficult conversations that will bring peace and joy and love to our lives and not sever the relationships or friendships with the people that God has brought into our lives.

Whether it be your spouse, teenage child, co-worker or mother-in-law, we can be successful with the right tools to have healthy positive productive relationships without fear and stress and anxiety of what they might say or do if we speak in love!!!

This ultimately brings you closer and brings more intimacy and love to your relationships.
— Rebecca Tychsen
I love Kirsten! She is a passionate, loving woman who helped me to identify the emotional blocks that were keeping me from growing in my relationship with God as well as others. Kirsten’s personal experience and deep understanding of God’s word allowed her to share insights with me that were key in gaining a new perspective that allowed me to break free and move forward with life.  Kirsten is always available, eager to listen, cry and celebrate with me. She truly cares.  Her guidance, prayers and patience provided a safe place that allowed me to grieve what I felt I was losing and start to focus on my future. I am truly grateful for her and her gifts!
— Stephanie Dougherty | Rock Church 
Kirsten has been such a huge part of my spiritual growth. Her love and passion for Jesus has motivated me to seek God and dwell into the Word. Reading Kirsten’s book and working with her, I have learned to forgive others as well as myself, learned about generational sin, and above all, know that Jesus loves me and that He is always with me.
— Ana Toncich 
Kirsten has an open and engaging personality, and she makes everyone feel like they are her dearest friend. Her transparent writing style easily draws the reader into a collage of stories that are shocking raw in their honesty; and healing in their integrity.

If you are willing to face your own battles using the exercises; God will surely bless your journey. This is a must for anyone who is bitter and unable to forgive. Many will find the information riveting and thought-provoking. I found myself greatly changed by the material. To my surprise I was able to delve into the darkest corners of my heart (I had forgotten they were there), and I was able to drill out a festering remnant of anger and pain.

Jesus has become more relevant and personal to me; and He is reflected throughout Kirsten’s teaching with a loving and graceful style.
— Kathy Wall